Our Story

Nestled on idyllic Main Street in Wayne, Nebraska you can find the family based business, Hwy 15 Salvage Company, owned by Teresea and Dan Tiedtke. Together the couple and their 3 children use a combination of their artistic and construction skills to salvage items and "junk". "Reuse Recycle Relove" is their mantra and the family strive to save, repurpose, and breathe new life into found pieces and objects to create stunning one-of-a-kind treasures.

Established in 2017, the store offers a wide selection of items. On any given day, you can find custom creations to unique pieces the family discovered on one of  their "treasure hunts" where they hand pick items from local farms, estate sales, and more. The inventory and items available are constantly changing, but typically include a variety of rustic fare, such as: antiques, primitives, repurposed items, junk, vintage finds, and even old signage.

On any given day you can find Teresa and Dan Tiedtke, with their three children, in the store. Teresa acknowledges, "Dan and I are both creative and this business is a great fit for us. We have always had the dream to do this, but didn't really expect this to happen until our kids were older or we retired. Things just worked out and Hwy 15 Salvage Company was created. Really, it's a dream come true. We are blessed."

What makes Hwy 15 Salvage Co. stand out from the other antique or consignment stores in the area, however, is the Tiedtke's specialization in custom made projects. The couple can tackle almost any project due to Dan's carpentry and Teresa's art background- even those Pinterest ideas you have seen online, but don't have the time or know-how to make them a reality.

The Tiedtke's also host a wide variety of classes where adults and children can sign up to "Refunk your Junk", create custom signs, design crafts, take painting classes, or discover fun projects such as gourd chickens or whimsical pinwheels. Every month there are new classes offered to choose from!

Hwy 15 Salvage Company also stocks a line of quality chalk paint for people to purchase for their own custom projects at home. The business even carries unique items, such as letters, letter tiles, and other ornamental objects that can help you personalize your home or office's decor to add a bit of personality.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, the shop is a destination for anyone in Northeast Nebraska looking for those hard to find nostalgic items, unique custom pieces, or just a fun piece to add a pop of color in your living room. Objects and pieces change regularly, so you never know what you will find!

It's the perfect place for people seeking treasures or an item to repurpose at home. Whether you find a sweet deal on an antique or sign up for a class, there is something for everyone at Hwy 15 Salvage Co.!

As a family based business, even the kids are involved. On nice days, you will often find the Tiedtke children outside Hwy 15 Salvage Co. running their own custom made lemonade stand on Main Street in Wayne, Nebraska. Or, even find the kids pitching in to help mom and dad out.